Sunday, June 6, 2010

My weekend

Well, it sorta worked. I got about 18 pages writen in my story about SC since Friday night (it is now Sunday afternoon) and 6 pages done in my story to get published. Unfortunately I've hit a writer's block in my story to get published but I think I know how to get around that, it's just gonna take time. I got no beading done, but I plan to organize my room and work on my spider so I should feel kinda accomplished tonight. Well, that's all for now, this is Li'l B signing off and wishing you all a lovely week.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Random thoughts

Well, it's been a few weeks and I have nothing to report. I bought my plane ticket home for my brother's wedding. Hopefully this time it sticks. That will be a very busy two weeks but I will hopefully get together with at least one of my old school friends before departing for my sister's play and my brother's wedding. However, I've accomplished nothing since I pulled in and it kinda has me feeling lazy. Although I started the blog story, I really haven't done anything with it. I need to at least get some sort of idea of the plot or at least the problem in the land that they need to solve. All I know is that it will hopefully involve her guiding humans into the Forest for clues or to solve the problem. I started one entry but am unsure if she is dealing with a dragon or a witch and if she's fighting it or merely enchanting it again. Also, in the story I want to try to publish this year I finished the first part, or Act as I think of them, and know the last Act as well as what I want to do emotionally to characters, now I just have to figure out some sort of plot line for the second Act. (No, I'm not writing a script but I think of it as a three Act novel so I know where I am in the emotional structure. Did I mention writing emotion is hard for me? All my romances are so corny...) Plus, I have so many other stories started that I need to decide what is going on with them. Some are merely a scene I had in my head that I needed to write down or merely designed to be experiments, things to help me write differently, but they do no good just sitting on my harddrive...
Also, I should get back to my beading. My spider has a frame and the beads are beyond his eyes, but that's about it. Also, I have a gift I want to make someone that finally came so I need to start that. So many projects that I haven't even touched in close to a month now.
So, I have decided to play hermit all weekend and try not to leave my room except for my nightly run and for a quick bite this weekend. I need to reconnect with my inner muse again. Let's see how much of a productive weekend I can get, shall we?
Well, this is Li'l B signing off and wishing you all a lovely weekend.